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pantry design ideas, A kitchen pantry cabinet for around $100; tall corner units, natural wood or white storage cabinets with shelves and drawers; low space saver designs; open pantries; pull out styles, antique wooden creations to match your décor; sleek contemporary modular units; lazy Susan units for around $250– where to shop and ideas on how to incorporate this furniture into your overall kitchen design – that’s what we offer this week. It’s not an exciting piece of furniture like a decorative console table for your entryway or an elegant oak dinning table, in fact it’s a rather boring item that, if your kitchen doesn’t have enough cabinet space to store necessities like spices, salt, sugar, flower, rice, pasta or cans of soup and sauces, you may be pulling your hair out in despair after coming home from the grocery store. A pantry, or a kitchen storage unit isn’t sexy; it’s a necessity. About the only interesting part in choosing the design, is deciding what it will look like on the outside, after that it’s practical – will it fit in the corner or can it be mounted to the wall above the counter? Will it hold all the packages of potato chips the kids and their friends will eat during the week? Will it rotate like a lazy Susan or be stationary? Are drawers essential? Should it have pull out sections or will it have just a series of shelves? Can you organize food and packages on open shelves so it doesn’t look cluttered, or is it better to hide groceries and supplies behind closed doors? First let’s take a look at kitchen pantry cabinets from the outer perspective, the shape, size and finishes that will best match what you already have in the kitchen. The options are not as vast as other furniture types….basically they are: natural wood, antique finished wood, wood painted white for a country look, white contemporary laminated finishes or pressboard with laminated artificial wood surfaces. Then you can choose size and height. Counter height or tall; single wi

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